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Kern Precision Lab Balances


440 Precision balance

The economical solution for the intelligent smart shopper

572 Precision balance

Top quality in weighing range and equipment

573 Precision balance

All-rounder e.g. as laboratory, counting or checking balance, with EC-Type Approval [M]

EMS Precision balance

Entry level model with large weighing plate in the low-cost range

EW Precision balance

Verifiable gold- and laboratory balance at a basic price

EWB Precision balance

Verifiable entry level model in the upper laboratory class

EW-N/EG-N Precision balance

Top of the range cost-effectiveness, with EC-Type Approval [M]

KB Precision balance

Convenient model at a basic price, also with EC-Type Approval [M]

PBS/PBJ Precision balance

Multifunctional laboratory balance with single-cell weighing system and verification approval [M]

PCB Precision balance

The economical solution for the bargain hunter

PES/PEJ Precision balance

Robust laboratory and industrial precision balance, with EC-Type Approval [M]

PFB Precision balance

Low-cost model based on a concept of easy use

PLE-N Precision balance

Low-cost precision balance with wide range of functions

PLJ Precision balances

Excellent performance at a very reasonable price, with EC-Type Approval [M]

PLS/PLJ Precision Balance

Excellent performance, excellent price - now also with internal adjustment
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